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Welcome to Polzeath Marine Conservation group website.

Upcoming events:

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Friday 15th June:

BeachCare beach clean.

Join Polzeath BeachCare team out on the beach for the monthly clean and survey. All cleaning equipment provided.

Thursday 12th July:

Rockpool Ramble!

Join marine experts, Polzeath volunteers, and National Trust rangers on one of our famous explorations of the shore! Booking essential.

Tuesday 17th July:

Rockpool Ramble!

Join marine experts, Polzeath volunteers, and National Trust rangers on one of our famous explorations of the shore! Booking essential.

Wednesday 18th July:

BeachCare beach clean.

Join Polzeath BeachCare team out on the beach for the monthly clean and survey. All cleaning equipment provided.

Within this site you will find information about the work we do as a group with the Polzeath Voluntary Marine Conservation Area and the wider political issues related to marine conservation; alongside information about the events we run throughout the year and images of the creatures you may find on a rock pool ramble.


Updated: 11/06/18.

Salty Animations...
Marine Discovery Day 2018.

Please click on the images below for links to animations made at this year’s Marine Discovery Day. Thanks go to Hana Backland for making these possible, and all who came and had a go....

Water refill point open!

Many joined Joe Absolom and the PMCG team on the 7th April to open the water refill station. Photos below and more information on the project.

Water refill point at Polzeath.

The popular Cornish resort, Polzeath, has taken a major step to stop plastic bottles being discarded on its beach by installing a drinking water refill point on its seafront - the first in the country to do so. There will be an official opening ceremony at 3pm on April 7 by actor Joe Absolom, who appears in the "Doc Martin" TV series.

It is all due to the hard work of Polzeath Marine Conservation and its group of volunteers, and supported by South West Water.

With Polzeath Beach Care, the Polzeath Marine Conservation Group are regularly involved in beach cleans, having been dismayed by the amount of plastic on the beach and the damage it causes to the marine environment.

Tina Robinson, one of the groups volunteers got the idea after a holiday in Australia.

She said: "I loved the water fountains I saw on Australian beaches. Back home I was heartbroken to see endless plastic bottles causing damage to our environment, so I decided to do something about it."

Now the beach water fountain project has been made possible by the Polzeath Marine Conservation Group receiving funding totalling £2,000 from Postcode Local Trust, a grant giving charity funded entirely by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery. South West Water provided the connection pipe for the drinks fountain.

Bob Taylor, South West Water’s Operations Director for drinking water services said: "As a founding member of the Refill initiative in the UK which started in Cornwall, we were delighted to respond positively to Tina’s request to provide a connection pipe. Plastic pollution is one of the scourges of our age. We are pleased to take this further step to help protect the marine environment, and at the same time help keep people healthy and hydrated when out and about."

The Polzeath Marine Conservation Group would also sincerely like to thank Sea Changers, St. Minver Highlands and Lowlands Parish Council, Polzeath Area Residents. Association, South West Water, and Luke & Dingle Ltd. Without everyone's support the project would not have been possible.

The drinking water fountain has raised  interest with some neighbouring seaside resorts who will be considering ways to follow the idea in their own areas.

Postcode Lottery

Postcode Local Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. www.postcodelottery.co.uk  Our project received £2000 from the Trust to support our project H2O 4FREE. To find out if you can apply for funding, check: www.postcodelocaltrust.org.uk

Website news:

PMCG are in the process of re-building our website, so that more volunteers may help manage the site. The current website will remain active until volunteers have ben trained and are comfortable with the new software. Please be patient, and to make sure you are definitely up-to-date with event information, check our Facebook page:

2018 PMCG Events Programme Leaflet:

The ‘Events Calendar’ page has been updated with all our 2018 events... click on the below images for a pdf version of our leaflet.

Water Bottles..

We at Polzeath Marine Centre HQ are thrilled skinny to now let you know about our new fab fundraising initiative.

Thanks to funding from Keep Britain Tidy we have been donated an initial 100 logo'd bottles to sell at £7 each. The idea is that we help reduce the use of plastic bottles and people who buy one can refill with water for free, if they choose to, from participating outlets in and around Polzeath. The Tubestation and the Lifeguard Hut have so far joined up :)

While Polzeath’s beaches are among the cleanest in Cornwall, single use plastic bottles present us with the same problems they do everywhere.

Around 10 billion plastic bottles are discarded each year in the UK, with some of them ending up in our rivers, streams, waterways and, ultimately, the sea. Some of those may end up

in the marine environment or washing up on our beaches.

Anyone buying and reusing one of our water bottles will help keep Polzeath’s beaches litter free. They will also help to keep our lanes lorry free too. That’s important because they pump out carbon into our clear Cornish air and help to clog up our country lanes.

EVERY PENNY from the sale of the first 100 bottles will go towards the running of Polzeath Marine Centre.

So if you fancy one of these fantastic bottles  - get in touch or pop down to the centre to get yours before we run out.

MCS Good Fish Guide.

Go to http://www.goodfishguide.org/ to download the new guide and the app for your phone. The list update includes changes to ratings for haddock, squid, scampi and tuna.

Website updates:

Events calendar...

Now updated with all planned 2018 events..


This is always updated whenever I do a website update...

New page...

We have a new page about ReFill and our plans for a water refill station at Polzeath..


The website as a whole is undergoing a revamp, in order that more volunteers are able to maintain the site  - more details to follow.

Do you want some info on the new Shark sculpture?

Well it was made entirely from marine litter found on Baby Bay, Polzeath and Greenaways. Apart from the bits of wood that were sourced from National Trust, and the wire that was our old chicken fence. It took approx 8-10 hours to source and construct and is approx 9ft in length. I wanted to make it to highlight the amount of marine litter washed up on our beaches, including ghost fishing gear such as the nets, rope and lobster pots. 

Thanks to all those who helped, including all the collectors, Nick and the Polzeath Beach Care team, the National Trust team from Pentire, Mark and Louis for help with the fins, and Vickie and Hugh for helping to get Shark in place.

Laura, PMCG and Polzeath BeachCare Volunteer.